Neuroimmunology and MS fellowship Programs Announcement

This is an agreement between neuroimmunology and MS fellowship directors and the group agreed that the MS-PiT website is a great place to post together with the directory. ACTRIMS will be sending to their group also. In order to give applicants the ability to make unpressured decision, we agreed on the following (this received a consensus from all program directors in the nation):

  • Neuroimmunology and MS fellowship Programs should not require a potential fellow to commit to their program before March 1 (of the PGY3 year, or ~15 months prior to start date).
  • Applications and interviews encouraged to occur accordingly – for most programs, that would mean most interviews would be in Jan/Feb. OK to interview earlier if felt more convenient.
  • Any trainees who wished to commit to a program earlier would have that discretion, but programs must not pressure them for an earlier decision.


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