Detroit Medical Center / Wayne State University

Institution/Department Address (with email/phone/fax): 8D University Health Center, 4201 St., Antoine, Detroit, MI 48201; (313) 577-1249;

Primary contact for training information (name, address, fax (if different than above) and email): Robert Lisak, MD; Parker Webber, Chair (Neurology)

Fellowship Title: Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship

What aspects are covered?: Demyelinating diseases (MS, NMO, Etc.), Neuro-rheumatology, Paraneoplastic, Encephalitis, Peripheral Neuroimmunology, Vasculitis, Autoimmune epilepsy

Fellowship program structure: Clinical (75%), Research (25%)

Fellowship Duration: 2 years

How many fellows/residents per year: 1

Do fellows take call duty?: No

Does the fellowship have general Neurology clinics?: No

Visa Sponsorship?: Yes, J1

Approved by Institution’s ACGME office?: Yes

Is additional funding needed to be secured by applicant?:  No

Is there a deadline for application?: No

Link to the fellowship website:

Information as of: November 22, 2016