University of California San Diego, Department of Neurosciences, Multiple Sclerosis Program

Institution/Department Address (with email/phone/fax):  Revere P Kinkel MD, 9500 Gilman Dr, MC 0662, La Jolla, CA, 92093-0662 (email:, Phone:858-822-5861, Fax: 858-534-3094)

Primary contact for training information (name, address, fax (if different than above) and email): Peter Revere P Kinkel, MD

Brief information on program: The University of California San Diego Medical Center offers clinical postdoctoral fellowship training to qualified, board eligible neurologists or physiatrists within 3 years of completion of residency training. While the program of training is tailored to the individual needs and interests of trainees, two broad categories of fellowship training are available. All are Non ACGME fellowship programs.

1.Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Fellowship (One-Year Program):
This fellowship program focuses on the development of neurologists or physiatrists with expertise in comprehensive MS care, rehabilitation and patient management. Fellows are expected to spend 60-75 % of their efforts (6-7 clinics) in direct outpatient care activities under the supervision of their mentor. Fellows are responsible for all aspects of patient care for the patients seen in outpatient care activities under the supervision of their mentor. The development of a formal research project is encouraged but not mandatory.

  1. MS Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Fellowship (Two-Year Program):
    This fellowship program incorporates the elements of a one-year fellowship with additional rigorous training in clinical research methodology and experimental therapeutics. Fellows are expected to fulfill the requirements of the one-year program but will only spend 20 % of their efforts (2 clinics) in direct patient care activities in order to accommodate additional training requirements and research demands. Fellows are required to develop and complete a significant clinical research project(s), write at least 1 paper a year and prepare at least one grant application during the course of their fellowship. Applicants must successfully apply to the CREST program (Clinical Research Enhancement through Supplemental Training) for either track I or II training depending on interests and needs (

Types of training programs: Fellowship

How many fellows/residents per year: 2

Area/s of Training: Multiple Sclerosis; Neuroimmunology

What aspects: Demyelinating diseases (MS, NMO, Etc.); Neuro-rheumatology; Paraneoplastic; Encephalitis; Peripheral Neuroimmunology; Vasculitis; Autoimmune Epilepsy

Fellowship program structure: Clinical; Research-based

Percentages of clinical and research-based components: N/a

Is On-call duty and/or general clinic participation required?: No

Additional training : Required/Offered? Neuro-radiology

Visa sponsorship? No

Approved by Institution’s ACGME office?: Yes

Is independent funding required for Fellows?:  Yes

Additional information: There is also a combined MS/Neurodegenerative disease clinical fellowship offered at the Veteran’s administration hospital in La Jolla with Dr Kinkel and Dr Galasko serving as co-directors.